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OpenGL Performance on Dell Axim x51v

  • Edi

    Edi - 2007-01-09

    Hi all,

    i'm new to this forum - so i am not sure my question is placed right here.
    Anyway - here's the story and the question:

    I am developing a map display software in JAVA including a JNI layer to openGL.
    As you know the X51v supports openGl (common lite profile) by hardware (Intel G2700). For performance measures i wrote a little benchmark which displays ~2000 lines rotating over 3 axes.

    When using Intels hw support library (libGLES_CL.dll) i get ~6-10 FPS.
    Thats not very much.

    Now the question:
    When using the Vincent OpenGL_ES library - which is an open source implementation of OenGL_ES and is a software implementation only - i get ~12-16 FPS.

    Has anyone an Idea of an explanation to that behaviour ?


    • Hans-Martin Will

      Well, of course, Vincent rocks... ;-)

      Seriously, either the hardware is not optimized for lines, or the driver cannot make use of it. Have you contacted Imagination Technologies to see if they can help you?


    • Edi

      Edi - 2007-01-10

      No - not yet, but I'll try.
      Its hard to find the real responsible manufacturer.


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