What is the effect of disabling EGL_USE_JIT?

  • GraPix

    GraPix - 2006-03-21

    Hi HM,

    What is the effect of setting EGL_NO_COMPILE to 1?

    How to disable JIT compilation, i.e is there a way to safely remove "codegen" from the Vincent source directory? If not, then can you provide me some guidance on how to go about it?

    Thanks and regards,


    • Hans-Martin Will

      OK, maybe the name is a little misleading (EGL_NO_USE_OF_CIMPLED_CODE would be better): EGL_NO_COPILE = 1 will force using non-JIT code in all cases; it will still run the JIT though.

      It is mainly meant as debugging aid on the ARM platform. If you want to completely remove the code generator:

      a.) set EGL_NO_COMPILE to 1
      b.) remove all references to the CodeGenerator class from Rasterizer and Context. (if you want, make this a configuration flag EGL_NO_JIT).

      - HM


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