Help!!!! Working Revision

  • Savio Coelho

    Savio Coelho - 2007-11-14

    I downloaded a revision from the repository about a month ago and began porting to the ARM. I however did not bother to check and see if the code actually worked and didnt. Im not sure If I did something wrong while setting up the environment. I did follow Zeus's instructions to the word. Could someone tell me the latest WORKING revision on SVN.
    Also could someone tell me how the latest versions of the code differ with the release with respect to the ARM section. Are there any new files not on the release version that are critical to running the binaries on an ARM 9E26-J.
    Urgent: Please respond ASAP

    • Savio Coelho

      Savio Coelho - 2007-11-15

      I went back to the release version and GenScanLine is not defined in the codegenerator class. Was this class ever intended for use in the release version and can I go ahead and comment it out.

    • Hans-Martin Will

      When you are saying you are "porting to the ARM", what are you actually doing?

      - HM

    • Savio Coelho

      Savio Coelho - 2007-11-16

      I have a board with an ARM926E-J core and no OS. I guess porting may be the incorrect term but Im trying to get it to work on the ARM simulator with the same target settings. If it works on the simulator I can then try it on the board.

    • Savio Coelho

      Savio Coelho - 2007-11-16

      Figured out the issue with GenScanLine

    • Savio Coelho

      Savio Coelho - 2007-11-21

      Hi Hans

      I am runing the code on the Armulator without any OS support. Is it possible to modify CodeGenerator :: Compile() function, such that it won't use cache. Instead, it just execute generated code from m_Module *.


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