h5550 -> hx4700

  • matt99

    matt99 - 2005-08-30

    I'm using ipaq h550, and vincent worked properly. Yesterday i bought ipaq hx4700 and i found that vincent works very very slow, and it's resolution of the screen is 240*320! (hx4700 has 480*640 resolution)

    Is this the limitation of vincent? If not, how can I solve this problem?

    • matt99

      matt99 - 2005-08-30

      Oh, this was an "already known" problem, I guess...

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Maybe you can find out what's going on there. See my replies in the other thread. I do not have access to a 4700 model, and I did not have these issues on an x50v.

      - HM


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