Vincent implementation on 2700G

  • rok

    rok - 2006-12-07


    In last few days a red a lot of documentation about opengl , opengl_es, framebuffer, 2700G - but I don't understand, how and where opengl implementation is comunicating with hardware.

    You have hardware acceleration hardware - 2700G7
    You have framebuffer driver for 2700G7
    You have implementation of opengl_es in a library
    You have include files which you include in your project and then link it with implementation

    Where is there a communication layer with hardware, how to write into 2700G chip ?

    I hope someone can answer my question.

    Rok Markovic

    • iwanj

      iwanj - 2006-12-09


      There are two ways to implement OpenGL (or OpenGL ES) i.e. in software (using CPU) e.g. Vincent3D, Mesa3D etc, or in graphics hardware (using GPU). Usually GPU vendor e.g. ATI, Nvidia, etc will provide proprietary high level libraries and hardware specific drivers to perform OpenGL functionalities on their hardware platform.



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