How to port Vincent to ARM9?

  • a.jiong

    a.jiong - 2005-01-17

    I want to port Vincent to ARM9 without OS.What should I do?
    If  OS porting should be the first?
    What else is needed?

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Vincent does not require too much runtime functionality itself. You will, however, need to have a minimum C runtime available, as well as some form of display driver that abstracts framebuffer access for you.

      Have you tried to compile Vincent to see what functions are missing?

      - HM

    • a.jiong

      a.jiong - 2005-01-19

      hi,Hans-Martin Will
      I haven't got my target board yet.But I want to start with whole soft system,I am looking for that.
      I am reading the source code of Vincent and found
      that it creates window and menubar in it's initial part.It call TlsSetValue() also.So,I guess it needs GUI library and OS.
      I prefer uc/osII.
      I didn't work on embeded before,wish to get more advice from you.
      Thank a lot.

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Actually, Vincent itself does not create a Window, I am not sure where you are looking. The EGL layer (binding of OpenGL ES API to the OD) has a function to create a rendering surface, but this really only creates a DIBSection on Windows (i.e. a bitmap with direct memory access).

      There are a only few OS specific calls for low-level stuff:
      - TlsSet/GetValue to provide binding of rendering context per thread (if you do not need this, replace by static variables)
      - Cache manipulation functions (esp. flush, clear) in code generator
      - Memory allocation with correct protection flags on the allocated memory pages (to create executable space into which the JIT emits the generated code).

      - HM

    • a.jiong

      a.jiong - 2005-01-29

      I have ran some samples on a PPCO2 xdaII,
      I found that It is slow.When I use 2000 moving and rotating triangles,I get 2FPS by average.
      Is there any way to speed up that?


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