eMVC4 can't 'step in' between modules?

  • EJ_Z

    EJ_Z - 2004-10-30

    I'm tracing test.exe now. It seems eMVC4 just can't step in to the functions of other modules.  Even the tricks of VC on desktop doesn't work.  For example, in the paint.cpp, when it call eglCreateContext(), the F11 can't go into the implementation of  eglCreateContext() even I'm in assembly mode.  The symbol of libGLES_CM.dll is loaded.

    eMVC4 sp3 already installed.

    So now I can only set a breakpoint in the other module, and then F10 there.  Anyone got the same problem? any suggestion?


    • EJ_Z

      EJ_Z - 2004-10-30

      I'm running on emulator.

    • Hans-Martin Will

      I haven't gotten all the rules figured out myself yet. One of the following two approaches typically works for me:

      - I have the DLL as an explicit project dependency in my project settings, instead of just linking against it.

      - I set a breakpoint at the beginning of the function in the DLL before executing the step.

      Maybe folks on pocketmatrix.com have a better idea.

      - HM


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