Vincent library on VS 2005: now it's true

  • Lord_Dagger

    Lord_Dagger - 2006-01-21

    Hi, all!
    I have succesfully build the Vincent Mobile library(ver 0.83a) on VS 2005 Professional Edition (RTM).
    Here are the test sololution, including the libGLES_CM.dll and all other libs, builded for the Debug configuration:

    A nice screen of the sample application, running on Device Emulator 1.0:
    Soon I'll post the updated library sources...

    • loopng

      loopng - 2006-02-06

      i'm waiting for your updates :)

      • Lord_Dagger

        Lord_Dagger - 2006-02-06

        I'll post the library sources soon. I still have some difficulties trying to rebuild library with Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK. This SDK targets on ARM4i architecture, also known as "THUMB". The are 16-bit instruction set in it so "ARM-compiled modules"(32-bit instruction set) couldn't be linked with 16-bit Windows Mobile libraries.
        However the library works fine on Windows Mobile 2003.

    • Lord_Dagger

      Lord_Dagger - 2006-02-08

      Well, here it is:
      There are modified sources and VS 8.0 solution and 3 project files.

      There is 2 important things in it that you must keep in mind:
      First of all, preprocessor definition EGL_RELEASE in OGLES project configurations must be specified as EGL_RELEASE = ""0.83"""
      Yeah, 2(two) pair of quotes in it!
      Or you'll have 2 nice errors then compiling Vincent dll...

    • loopng

      loopng - 2006-02-13

      i really appriciate your job :)

    • protemus

      protemus - 2006-10-10

      I tried to get to your sources, but could not... are they down?

      • Hans-Martin Will

        Are you using CVS or SVN? The repository has been transitioned to SVN a couple of months ago.

        - HM


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