Problem concerning stuck pixel and texturing

  • Shye-Tzeng Sheen

    Dear sir:

    I encounter some problems when I do my experiment.
    The thing I would like to do ports
    my platform from Vincent ogles 1.1 to Coware
    Virtual Platform.For a resolution of 640x480,
    it works correctly to render a frame,
    but a stuck pixel in the frame for a resolution of 240x320 or
    downward.Can you give me some suggestions?

    This is my result of rendering for 240x320 and 640x480:
    <a href='' >240x320</a>
    <a href=''>640x480</a>

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Actually no, I have never seen this behavior before. Maybe it's a compatibility problem with the virtual environment that you are using.

      - HM


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