• regha

    regha - 2006-03-30

    I would like to use Vincent Implentation with only extern library (DLL).
    For the GL and EGL functions, no problem, all is in libGLES_CM.dll, but for UG function, I could not find any DLL.
    What are the solutions for my problem ?

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Add a DLL configuration to the project and compile it yourself. Or don't use the UG functions; have you checked out GLUTES?

      - HM

    • regha

      regha - 2006-04-01

      Thanks for your answer,

      I have tried tu use GLUT|ES but I have a problem with glutInit function (it returns me 1... but I not sure for the using of the arguments of this function).

      I am a little beginner in using of C/C++ so I don't know how to make a DLL (for UG functions) from you source code and EVC++... Is it possible to make it for me ?...


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