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Build for Pocket PC from latest SVN

  • Almon B. Strowger

    Hi Hans-Martin,

    I've built the dll from rev 647, and I can't get the test app with the car
    nor the redbook stuff to work with it.  Is this a working revision?

    I've tried to run it using the Pocket PC emulator, and on an older device.

    I built version 1.0.0 from around a year ago and it works fine on the emulator
    and my old strongarm device (SA1110).

    Also does rev 647 now absolutely require an Xscale device?

    The behavior I get with the test app with the new version is a lot of flickering
    of the text display (fps, etc.) (the old version 1.0.0 dist doesn't flicker.)
    and no car is displayed.


    • Hans-Martin Will

      Can you please clarify: The test application does not work (paragraph one), or you get flickering (last paragraph)?

      While rev 647 is a working version, the code was regression tested against the conformance test.

      Rev 647 adds support for additional framebuffer configurations, so unless you explicitly request a 565 surface your are likely to get something else (as per EGL spec. on config ordering). Which means that eglSwapBuffers will need to perform additional color format conversions, which depending on your hardware can result in flickering.

      There has been no change concerning processor requirements. Since the Intel GPP libraries are no longer needed, the main switch regarding code generation is whether the CLZ instruction is supported or not.

      Hope that helps,

    • Almon B. Strowger

      Hi Hans-Martin,

      Thanks for your response and suggestions.

      I've been trying to get to the bottom of the problem:  No car is displayed in the test app.

      I did as you suggested, even using EGL_CONFIG_IDs of 5 and 6, and yes, the text display
      (just gdi DrawText) with the fps did improve, but I still see no car.
      It acts like it's working, but there is no car to see.

      Maybe memory issues?

      So far, I have checked these for errors, and did not get any:

      Have you successfully run the test app on a Pocket PC emulator w/ Rev 647?  The test app works without
      modification with the 1.0 dist build on the emulator for me.

      I did get some asserts in arm/RasterPart.cpp re stencil formats when some switch statements were
      defaulting -- I don't know if RasterPart.cpp is up to date, or the asserts are left over, but I
      thought I'd mention it.

      I'd be grateful for any more ideas.



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