ug for linux/x11?

Simon Vogl
  • Simon Vogl

    Simon Vogl - 2006-06-30

    I am trying to compile for an embedded ARM Linux system, and got the linux_nokia_770 branch to cross-compile.
    I'd like to build some of the examples, but can't find a linux version of the ug library - shouldn't there be a ug_x11.c or something?
    If this is not supported yet, we might start a little project here at our place.

    • Hans-Martin Will

      I am actually going to wipe the whole ug sub-project, as it is no longer maintain. You might want to look into porting GLUT|ES instead.

      - HM

      • Simon Vogl

        Simon Vogl - 2006-07-03

        good to know - thanks.


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