Has anybody run the sample on emulator?

  • Lance

    Lance - 2004-11-15

    I am trying to run the samples on the smartphone2003 emulator, but seems
    none of the sample works. The release
    version of the dll even can't build. I wonder
    anyone has run the samples on emulator?
    Many thanks!

    • EJ_Z

      EJ_Z - 2004-11-15

      It seems you should give more information on the error message, otherwise other's just can't help you...

      • Lance

        Lance - 2004-11-16

            I am running the sample on a smartphone2003
        emulator. When I run the sample, the screen of
        the emulator just freeze. I don't have a smartphone
        so I can't test them on real phone :((

        • Jonas Thedering

          Jonas Thedering - 2005-02-01

          My problem is the same, on the emulator and on the smartphone also (SPV e200). Just the title bar shows that there's an app running.
          The samples compile without errors, just warnings like "Could not find the file e32def.h."
          But I also have this problem (nothing shown on screen) when I try to run applications created with the wxWidgets framework, so it's not a special problem.

    • EJ_Z

      EJ_Z - 2004-11-15

      With the old code it seems ok but the HEAD version seems really wrong, Win 32(xxx) Release , Pocket 2003 emulator.
      Debug build seems ok.

         Creating library ..\..\bin\emu\Release/libGLES_CM.lib and object ..\..\bin\emu\Release/libGLES_CM.exp
      Context.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "void __stdcall `eh vector destructor iterator'(void *,unsigned int,int,void (__thiscall*)(void *))" (??_M@YGXPAXIHP6EX0@Z@Z)
      Context.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __stdcall `eh vector constructor iterator'(void *,unsigned int,int,void (__thiscall*)(void *),void (__thiscall*)(void *))" (??_L@YGXPAXIHP6EX0@Z1@Z) referenced in function "public: __this
      call EGL::Context::Context(class EGL::Config const &)" (??0Context@EGL@@QAE@ABVConfig@1@@Z)
      ..\..\bin\emu\Release/libGLES_CM.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 2 unresolved externals
      Error executing link.exe.

      ug.lib - 3 error(s), 19 warning(s)

      • Hans-Martin Will

        Is it broken again? I've been fixing this 10000 times already... There is a bug somewhere in eVC that results in a /GX option (enable exception handling) being sneaked into the build settings. And Windows Mobile does not support C++ exception handling. Just remove the /GX from the build settings, and the message should go away. And feel free to check this in...

        - Martin

    • EJ_Z

      EJ_Z - 2004-11-18

      It really seems to be the problem, checked the history of ogles.vcp and the /GX seems to be in many versions around...
      I guess EVC IDE will silencely change something without telling us, even the linker and the compiler path is changing.


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