Anyone working on PPC 2002?

  • EJ_Z

    EJ_Z - 2004-10-25

    Hi everyone,

    It was not until last week did I find the vincent project, and actually I'm new to the sourceforge.  Vincent is amazing but it seems need to have eVC4 and PPC2003 as a least.  But I was so eager to have a try on my iPaq3850 PPC2002 system that I download the code and manged to coin the project to build under eVC3 on PPC 2002.

    Currently test.exe runs on both 2002 emulator and
    my pda (ARM build).  My following intension is to make conformance test work also.

    I made a rough scan around the project and seem ppc2002 is not mentioned, and the 'tasks' is not accessable, so I assume it is not thoughted before.

    My questions are:
    0. Is there anyone tried to port it to ppc2002?
    1. Is there plan on the supporting for PPC2002 officially? (forgive me to be a little outdated but I don't want to throw my current pda out of window when it's still working, and it may well be many other's thinking.)
    2. Any suggestion & comments from developers here?

    Best regards,

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Hi EJ,

      that's great. I simply wasn't maintaining the workspace on a regular base, so I deleted it (esp. since I do not have a 2002 device myself). I know, however, that there has been interest in adding 2002 support to the project.

      If you are interested, you are welcome to become a project member maintaining this configuration.

      Let me know,

    • EJ_Z

      EJ_Z - 2004-10-26

      Hi HM,

      Thanks for the quick response and it's very kind of you to offer such a chance, I *do* be interested in it.  It would be of fun to entirely port vincent to PPC 2002, and really adding the port to vincent is much more exciting.

      I'm now configuring the CVS to get the tip code.  As I only used MS-SS and perforce, cvs seems a little naughty to me...  I think we can discuss how to add the change to source tree after I got all these done, what do you think? :)

      And I also send a message to you via the sourceforge, please check.


    • Hans-Martin Will

      That's great. I already replied to your email.

      - HM

      PS: I am using TortoiseCVS and WinMerge, those seem to make CVS kinda bearable...


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