msdis110.dll missing

  • Anonymous - 2005-05-24

    I've downloaded the source distribution version 0.83a and opened the OGLES.VCW in the $DIST_ROOT/projects/evc4/ directory. When building the "Release ARM" configuration the codegen project builds with no warnings or errors but that is however not the case with the OGLES project. Everything compiles fine but when eVC start "Generating Code..." the build fails with "fatal error C1350: error loading dll 'msdis110.dll': dll not found" repeated 5 times.

    Building emulator debug and ARM debug works fine.

    I have eVC++ 4 with sp4 and Smartphone 2003 SDK.

    Very grateful for all suggestions to remedy this problem!
    David Olsson

    • Hans-Martin Will

      I think msdis110.dll should be part of VC itself. Can you verify that your installation is correct?

      - HM

      • Anonymous - 2005-05-25

        I have not experienced any (other) problems with my installation. I have however tried to uninstall it (along with the SDKs) and reinstalling all of it again. The result is however exactly the same...

        • Hans-Martin Will

          On my machine the dll is in <eVC-install-directory>/Common/EVC/bin

          - HM

          • Anonymous - 2005-05-25

            Yes, that is where mine is located as well... Hmm, weird.

            I'd be using the precompiled binaries but I found a bug (in your ogles implementation) which causes my application to crash. So I need to be able to compile my own binaries. I have however reported the bug. I would be very grateful if someone could fix the bug and compile new binaries.

            Best regards
            David Olsson

    • stringtime

      stringtime - 2005-07-09

      did you manage the problem with 'msdis110.dll' ?.
      it's very strange.

      when i COMPILE genfragment.cpp (?!?!? must be a bug in evc4)
      --------------------Configuration: OGLES - Win32 (WCE ARMV4) Release ARM--------------------
      fatal error C1350: error loading dll 'msdis110.dll': dll not found
      Error executing clarm.exe.

      i try to find a solution but it's very very strange...

      • Hans-Martin Will

        Are you on eVC 4 SP4? Since this is a compiler DLL, I'd suspsect that something is wrong with the compiler installation.

        - HM


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