3D program in vincent in arm/linux console ?

  • qqrilxk

    qqrilxk - 2006-12-11

    how to set up the environment to program  with vincent3D in linux framebuffer  console in arm development board?Can i 3D program with vincent in linux console in a arm development board?if not,is there any other solution to 3D program in arm/linux console?I need your help,thanks!

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Start with the gp2x build as baseline; that's already an ARM Linux platform. You will need to adjust/create a new egl.cpp and Surface.h/cpp for your system. Rendering is always done off-screen, and egl.cpp contains the code to push the image to the actual video buffer. There is only a single supported framebuffer format, which is 16-bit r5g6b5. If that's different from your hardware, you'll need to add a suitable conversion into the push-to-screen operation.

      - HM


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