How to trace(step by step) the code?

  • Anonymous - 2004-09-15

    Dear all,   
       How to trace Vincent step by step in the source code level? Can you share the information about reference, which your code depends on? The references can help us trace Vincent more efficiently. For example, how to perform texture mapping?
        Thank you for your work~

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Hi there,

      I am not completely clear what the question is about? Is it how to execute Vincent in step mode from within a debugger? What do you mean by "tracing"? What is your question about texture mapping?

      - HM

    • Anonymous - 2004-09-17

      Sorry, I didn't write it clearly.
      Actually, I want to read the Vincent's source code and know the proccess of rendering.
      But I when I trace the source code, I cannot understand what the code write. As a result, I asked for some reference about the source code.
      I found your homepage, where listing the REFERENCE and my question is solved. Or can you provide more information about understanding the source code?
      Thank you.

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Well, for fragment processing in general you can pretty much take the OpenGL specification and read it in parallel with the code. It might be worthwhile at some point to add direct references to the corresponding sections in the spec as comments in the code.

      If you are interested into a specific aspect of the code, just let me know. Most of it should, however, fall directly out of the OpenGL spec.

      - HM


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