• Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-05-27

    Have you implemented tri-fan support yet? Can't seem to get it to work -- the application hangs when specifying the GL_TRIANGLE_FAN enum to glDrawArrays. The same array works fine with GL_POINTS and GL_LINE_LOOP.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! -gw

    • Hans-Martin Will

      I'm pretty sure I excercised triangle fans before.
      Also looking over the code I cannot see an obvious bug. Does a single triangle using the same other settings work? Do you have a simple example? What bothers me is that the application hangs --- at least it should render some garbage...

      - HM

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-05-28

      Some testing reveals that the app isn't hanging, it's just taking a very long time to render a frame w/ trifans. I did a simple test, rendering a single square w/ code like this:

        GLfloat test[12] =
          -100, -100, 0,
          -100, 100, 0,
          100, 100, 0,
          100, -100, 0

        glVertexPointer( 3, GL_FLOAT, 0, test );
        glEnableClientState( GL_VERTEX_ARRAY );
        glDrawArrays( GL_LINE_LOOP, 0, 4 );

      The rendering time is <1 ms. But if I change GL_LINE_LOOP to GL_TRIANGLE_FAN, the rendering time jumps to 160ms. With 1500 trifans/17000 verts, this looked like a hang at first.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hans-Martin Will

      I see, so it's just slow... Anyway, 160ms for a quad is a lot.

      What build is this (ARM/XScale Debug/Release)?
      What kind of device is this?
      What features are you using?
      Lightning? Smooth coloring? Texturing?
      Which buffers are enabled (color, alpha, stencil, depth)?

      While optimizations are still on the plan, I wouldn't expect magic given that this is a software implementation... What are the framerates you are getting with the demo application?

      - HM

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-05-28

      Tracked it down. I had the following two calls in my setup:

      glLineWidthx( EGL_ONE );
      glPointSizex( EGL_ONE );

      Removed both of these and the problem went away.

      For your reference, here's my config:
      ARMv4/XScale Release; Dell Axim X3i, PXA263 400Mhz, PocketPC 2003; GPP; Color buffer only, no lighting, no smoothing, no texturing, no depth test.

      Getting 47fps with the car demo.

      • Hans-Martin Will

        Ah, I think I figured what the problem is: I'll enter a bug for this. line width and point size or not used, but part of the state, and I do not initialize them in the constructor.

        I think what happens is that you'll end up with a recompile of the scanline conversion for every single traingle fan.

        I'll enter a bug.

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Version 0.76 should fix your problem; let me know if it doesn't. I'd really like to see your example with 17000 vertices... Do you have a screenshot?


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