glActiveTexture vs glClientActiveTexture

  • Matthew Scott

    Matthew Scott - 2005-11-23

    I'm still getting my feet wet with OpenGL, and I'm pretty confused on when to use glActiveTexture and when to use glClientActiveTexture. It seems both of these functions involve handling multi-texturing.

    How many textures can Vincent handle in a single pass?

    There also seem to be comments in the Vincent code that perhaps glClientActiveTexture doesn't do much. Is that true? Are there work arounds that I should know about when converting straight OpenGL code to OpenGL-ES?


    • Hans-Martin Will

      OpenGL state is split into 'client side state' and 'server side state' (mostly inherited from x-Windows). client side as mostly about which arrays get tranferred to the graphics engine, server side is really about the actual rendering.
      Since Vincent is all software, it literally doesn't do much, but I believe the implementation is correct.

      The number of texture unit is a paramtere in OGLES.h, the dafault is 2. Increasing comes at a cost though (might be something to look at from a performance perspective; contact me if you are interested).

      - HM


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