Embedded OpenGL in "the wild"

  • Ellers

    Ellers - 2004-06-05

    Hi guys,

    I've used OpenGL for some years now and love it dearly. I like the idea of writing code for devices with embedded OpenGL (though none of my programming so far has been embedded), but - and I hope this doesn't sound too stupid... - I'm not sure what companies/products out there "in the wild" use embedded OpenGL?

    Some quick internet searches show avionics as one area. And I know I read about mobile phones having it or maybe having it. But I don't think I've seen any devices available in the average electronics shop.

    Also, somewhat related to product development, is there much work around for embedded OpenGL programming?

    Thanks for any tips/info!


    • Hans-Martin Will

      I do not know about standard OpenGL on embedded, so I'll only write concerning OpenGL ES.

      OpenGL ES is till pretty young; the first GPUs implementing this standard have been introduced this year, and the first devices featuring these hardware implementations should be available later this year.

      Check out the adopters list in Khronos; at lists a variety of hardware and software vendors supporting various aspects around OpenGL ES (hardware, drivers, game middleware...).

      There is also a book coming up by Dave Astle & Dave Durnil.

      Expect to see more announcements around Siggraph.


    • Ellers

      Ellers - 2004-06-13

      Thanks Hans-Martin. I'll keep an eye out. It certainly sounds promising...

    • Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg

      The mobile scene is just on the verge to go 100% OpenGLES. Note that both Astle & Durnil work for Qualcomm! Check out http://brew.qualcomm.com .
      There you will also find a list of companies using OpenGLES for game development. Also the PS3 is going to be OpenGLES. So the future is bright for it :-)


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