Game for OpenGL ES?

  • tsliu

    tsliu - 2004-05-04

    Dear everybody:
    I want to know if there is any game written in OpenGL ES and where to download it's source code. Could someone help me?

    • Hans-Martin Will

      That's a difficult one. There have been a couple porting efforts of commercial games to OpenGL ES (e.g. using FatHammer's engine), but of course the source code is not available.

      The closest to would you are looking for is probably Dan East's port of Quake for ATI, but again, the source code has not been made public yet.

      There is a book coming up by Dave Astle on this topic [], but the book (and the sample code) are not ready yet.

      What aspect of OpenGL programming are you looking for that is not covered in those various small examples that are available?


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