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I encountered a problem when developing an application
using the Vincent ogles library; it crasched when I
made what appeared to be valid calls to glBufferData().
I checked the source and discovered that buffers are
managed using the class Buffer declared in the file
$DIST_ROOT/src/Buffer.h. Upon allocating memory for a
buffer, the Buffer object automatically deallocates
previously allocated memory. The problem is that Buffer
objects doesn't initialize its data pointer to NULL
when a Buffer object is created.

The class currently looks like this (in the latest dist
as of 24th May 2005):

class Buffer {
Buffer() { }
void Deallocate() {
if (m_Data) {
m_Data = 0;
m_Size = 0;
void * m_Data;
size_t m_Size;

As m_Data isn't initialized to NULL in the constructor,
freeing of an invalid pointer is rather likely. By
changing the constructor to:

Buffer(): mData(0), m_Size(0) { }

things seem to work a lot better.

Hope this helps!


  • Hans-Martin Will

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Hans-Martin Will

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    Yes, this has been fixed in November (file version 1.3).
    Looks like time to build a redistribution.

  • Hans-Martin Will

    • assigned_to: nobody --> hmwill
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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