#2 oggSlideshow direct transition w/out black pane


thank you for this toolkit, it really just works flawlessly.
Regarding the slideshow it would be great if there was an option to blend between images directly without the black pane (maybe also a third option for a white pane). That would create more elegant slideshows.

I tried to change the code, but since I never used c/c++ I do not know how to compile the src.

blackPlane = RGBPlane(config.outputWidth, config.outputHeight);
presentationPlane = config.origPlane;

/* blank the plane */
uint32 planesize = config.outputWidth * config.outputHeight * 4; // 3 Colors + Alpha channel
memset(blackPlane->plane, 0x00, planesize);

This is pity as it should only be some small changes.

I would be glad if you could include such an option in the next release!


  • Yorn

    Yorn - 2013-08-26

    Hi Paike,

    I ones started to create a complete language for the slideshow creation. However there are lots of combinations for all that (picture representation and picture changeover, changeover color etc.).

    As there was noone really demanding for that I stopped this effort.

    I think I can include the feature :). I will inform you about code updates!


  • Paike

    Paike - 2013-08-26

    Hi Yorn,
    thank you for the reply! I downloaded a Linux VM last weekend and compiled the source on Linux (first time ever).
    I could change the color to white (l.48)

    blackPlane = RGBPlane(config.outputWidth, config.outputHeight, 0xffffffff);

    and commented a line out (l.53). You even added a hint for the black plane :)

    /* blank the plane */
    #memset(blackPlane->plane, 0x00, planesize);

    As I could understood from the code blending images directly will not be easy because in the current sequence you need the next image already with zoom/start-positions.

    I also tried to doBlindIn and doBlindOut at beginning and ending of the video, but it messed with the timing/frames.

    So I look forward to new features, as oggSlideshow is very stable!

    Last edit: Paike 2013-08-26

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