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"stack smashing detected" on Ubuntu Gutsy-0.7

  • Andras Soltesz

    Andras Soltesz - 2009-03-18

    I have downloaded 0.7 and used configure & make install to install it.

    oggCat fails with "*** stack smashing detected ***: oggCat terminated"

    Any help is appreciated.

    • Yorn

      Yorn - 2009-04-15

      I am really sorry for the delay, the inform mechanism for the forum does not work as expected.

      as I wrote on the Ubuntu Mailing List; The only thing I can actually do is reproduce the problem. However I have actually no older Ubuntu installed. I may set up a virtual System to test on different platforms, but didn't got the time for that so far.

      Do you got this message, when you try to use oggCat or when you are compiling?

      - Yorn


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