result of oggcut is not satisfying

  • Georg

    Georg - 2009-03-26


    I used oggcut to cut out a part of a .ogv video file and converted the result to .flv via ffmpeg,
    when playing the .flv file my videoplayer (totem gstreamer) stops at the end with 'internal stream error'
    I know that oggcut searches for the first I-Frame to start with, but how does it look at the end? Could this error come from the way oggcut works?

    Btw, converting the cuttet .ogv file to .wmv or .avi works as expected.

    Anyway, I want to publish the videos onmy webpage, of course I would like it to leave it in the free .ogv format, if you can tell me a solution for doing so, such that from all operating systems with all browsers this is possible and works out of the box from most boxes, then I don't have to convert them to another proprietary format.

    Thanks for help


    • Yorn

      Yorn - 2009-04-15

      I am really sorry for the delay, the inform mechanism for the forum does not work as expected.

      The oggCut version is still not optimal, but should do all necessary things to conform the ogg standard.

      Your problem sounds a bit like a End Of Stream Problem. Can you provide me the file, so that I can check for that? You can make a check as well with oggDump (which is actually a bit outdated).

      If you want to embedd a video into your webpage you can use the cortado player, which is free and bases on java. I am not really familiar with that, however it works for us, as you can see on the streamnik webpage.

      There is another thing called ITheora, which bases on javascript and helps to identify the abilities of your system (as far as I know) and then starts the best player it found (or cortado if none is found).

      - Yorn 


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