Rev 0.7 mods

Georg Ottinger

The following modifications were done for the first Rev 0.7 Prototype or Ideas that should be implemented in the next Rev

(Re-)Defining Parts

  • Polyfuse needs to handle roughly 350mA - we need a 500mA Type

F1 = Polyfuse RXEF050

  • Calculating ADJ LDO for 3V3

replace R72 with C 22uF

  • Calculating ADJ LDO for 1V8

replace R75 with C 22uF

  • Input Decoupling C


  • Inductance for Power Supply

L5=Würth; 742792040 - 600Ohm; 2000mA

  • Using Inductance for Multiplexed LED-Rows:

R33,R35,R38,R49,R51,R53,R55,R57 = Würth 742792042

  • Mark Power Voltage Circuit as optional (schematic-change only)

R78 opt.
R68 opt.
R62 opt.
R63 opt.
C73 opt.
R76 opt.

  • Input Amplifier


  • Output Amplifier - fixed to 1:1 Ratio


  • STM8 Reset Circuit from XportPro - in idle-mode there should be no reset

R56 opt.

  • STM8 SWIM In-circuit Programming - eliminate the C54 on the SWIM Line

C54 opt.

  • D4 Diode S1M drops to much voltage approx. 4,3 should remain in order for the
    LDOs to work proper - F1 also takes about 0,25 volts so D4 should not drop more than 0,3V (considering 100mV Input Ripple) - Maybe replacing with a Schottky type or with a short. Question: Is the reverse voltage protection working without D4?
    Suggestion for a Schottky

PCB Modifications

  • STM8 Reset needs Pullup (can be placed next to SWIM-Header)

47k Pullup to 3v3

  • VS1063 GPIO0 needs Pulldown (disable SPI-Flash Boot)

47k Pulldown to GND

  • DC-Jack is connected to wrong way

  • LED-PCB - the Pins on the Connector X27 are mirrored

  • RCAP ( C12 ) should placed according to [VS10xx Layout Guidelines]

  • The ALPS-Poti is working the wrong way ( higher-R should be achived clockwise )

==> Check Vishay Type aswell

  • Outline for X5, X10, X3, X4 should be changed to fit this connector (reichelt type: PSS 254/XG)

because X5 collides with N2 and C18

and X3 collides with C6, C20, C21

  • Remove Top Mask from Text-Fonts

EMI Considerations

  • Make the PCB a little narrower so that D-Type 1.5mmx2mm Conductive Shielding Gasket from Würth can fit between PCB and housing in the slot - for this to work the long edges of the Oggstreamer have to been metalized

Würth Shielding Gasket PartNo. 30302015

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