Flashing XportPRO

Georg Ottinger


A network connection from the Workstation to the XPortPro
A running tftpd server
A install XportPro Linux SDK (with compiled images)
A serial terminal connection the the XPortPro

Install the TFTP-Server

in Ubuntu type:

sudo apt-get install tftpd-hpa

Copy the images Into the TFTP-Server Folder

Repeat this step everytime you made an update to the images

cd /home/lantronix/linuxsdk/linux/images
sudo cp * /var/lib/tftpboot

Note: When running the Linux SDK inside a VM - be sure to use "bridged network" mode

On the Serial Terminal

Connect with 115200 baud
Hit any key after resetting the XportPro to get into the dBUG shell
(if this doesn't work try to hit fast 3 times ^C after reset)

If not done before set the following variables

set server
set client

(adjust the ip-addr to your needs)

Flash the Kernel:

dnlf linux.bin

confirm with yes

Flash the Root-FS:

dn rootfs.img
fl w 0x00400000 0x4001FF80 0x400000


Flash image.bin if other methodes fail:

fl e 0x80000 0xf7ffff
dn image.bin
fl w 0x80000 0x4001FF80 (size of image.bin)

size of image (for example) = 0x32e480

for more details check the XPortPro Linux SDK User Guide


Wiki: Linux Software

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