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--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -1,26 +1,29 @@
+CFLAGS=-g -Wall -I../libconfig-1.4.8/lib -static
+LIBS=-L./  -L../libconfig-1.4.8/lib/.libs -lcgic -lconfig -static
-CFLAGS=-static -g -Wall -fPIC -mcpu=5208 -Os
-INCLUDES=-I$(ROOTDIR)/include -Ilibcgi-1.0/src
-LDFLAGS=-static -g -fPIC -lconfig -lcrypt -lcgi
-LIBRARIES= -L$(ROOTDIR)/lib -Llibcgi-1.0/src
-SOURCES=osoft.c settings.c
+all: libcgic.a osoft.cgi capture
-all: $(SOURCES) osoft.cgi libcgi
-osoft.cgi: osoft.o settings.o libcgi
-	$(CC) osoft.o settings.o $(LIBRARIES) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@
-	m68k-uclinux-flthdr -s 8192 $@
+install: libcgic.a
+	cp libcgic.a /usr/local/lib
+	cp cgic.h /usr/local/include
+	@echo libcgic.a is in /usr/local/lib. cgic.h is in /usr/local/include.
-	make -C libcgi-1.0 all
+libcgic.a: cgic.o cgic.h
+	rm -f libcgic.a
+	$(AR) rc libcgic.a cgic.o
+	$(RANLIB) libcgic.a
-	$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) $< -o $@
+#mingw32 and cygwin users: replace .cgi with .exe
+osoft.cgi: osoft.o libcgic.a
+	$(CC) osoft.o -o osoft.cgi ${LIBS}
+capture: capture.o libcgic.a
+	$(CC) capture.o -o capture ${LIBS}
-	rm -rf *.o osoft.cgi osoft.cgi.gdb
-	make -C libcgi-1.0 clean
+	rm -f *.o *.a *.gdb osoft.cgi capture 

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