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Freeduc status

Transfer to new Freeduc database completed.
Security for data enhanced.

Posted by Hilaire Fernandes 2001-04-14

WIP Freeduc - please review

Work in progress for Freeduc can be examine there:
The new things are for now a maintainers entry
and a multi-dependence systeme la Debian.

Posted by Hilaire Fernandes 2001-02-24


The www.ofset.org web site has been relocated at
A new cvs module, www.ofset.org, contains the source
of the web page.
Our domain name www.ofset.org may be moved to this
location soon or later.

Posted by Hilaire Fernandes 2001-02-21

How to check-out the catalog module ?

Here how to get the catalog module:
cvs -d :ext:yourlogin@cvs.ofset.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ofset -z3 co catalog

Posted by Hilaire Fernandes 2001-02-11

New 'catalog' module in the OFSET CVS

The catalog module contains the freeduc catalog

Posted by Hilaire Fernandes 2001-02-11

First entry

I add a first package entry in the cvs.
So in this case 1mdoule = 1 package
The first module is for August, a nice TCL/TK web editor.


Posted by Hilaire Fernandes 2000-11-17