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No anti-aliased text on menus

Rob Stone
  • Rob Stone

    Rob Stone - 2006-08-04

    I'm using Office Look and Feel with the latest Mustang JDK builds and I've noticed that it appears to stop menu text from being anti-aliased. I switched back to the system look and feel and the menu text was anti aliased OK.

    Rob Stone

    • Robert Futrell

      Robert Futrell - 2006-09-08

      Yes, I'll fix this in the next release.  Thanks!

    • Robert Futrell

      Robert Futrell - 2006-09-09

      I just fixed this in version 2.3.

    • Rob Stone

      Rob Stone - 2006-09-12

      Thanks for that :)

    • Bad Sector

      Bad Sector - 2006-11-01

      Well, i have exactly the opposite problem. While in other applications (such as Outlook's "new message" window or normal apps, such as Notepad) the menus are NOT antialiased, in my app the menus are. This alienates the app a bit...

      I'm using Windows XP SP 2 with the Luna theme.

      Also, is there any option to "lock" the blue luna theme on the L&F? It looks awful when used with the standard theme :-/.

      (ps. i wouldn't mind giving the option to the user on what to use, but i'm developing an application for the company i work and my boss insists on using a similar interface to our other applications, which use the blue theme no matter what...)

    • Robert Futrell

      Robert Futrell - 2006-11-01

      Hey Bad Sector,

      Yeah, I cheated a bit when I added anti-aliasing to the menus and made them anti-aliased all the time.  It seems like I did this because I couldn't find a way to check Java's (or Windows') AA settings in a consistent way across 1.4 and 1.5.  I figured the average user would have AA enabled and so, for the most part, I'd be in the clear.  :)

      What JRE version will your application run on?  Do you know of a way to enable/disable AA as appropriate that works across all JRE versions?  If so, let me know.

      As far as "forcing" the blue theme, I can add a property to do that if you like.  Something like

      System.setProperty("OfficeLnFs.forcedTheme", ("blue"|"silver"|"olive"|"classic"));
      try {
      } catch (...

      This property would override the Windows theme currently in use.  Would that fit your needs?

      Also, what do you mean by "looks awful when used by the standard theme"?  Is there something about the Look that can be improved, or is it just your personal preference?


    • Bad Sector

      Bad Sector - 2006-11-02

      Hm, no sorry, i don't know such a method. At least not without accessing Windows' registry, but that would require a JNI method.

      My app runs using JRE 1.4.2.

      A property like that, would be nice, although you may want something like:

      System.setProperty("OfficeLnFs.theme", ("auto"|"blue"|"silver"|"olive"|"classic"));

      that is, without the "forced" part, with "auto" being the default. Well, that's a personal perspective anyway, currently what i need is the blue theme :-).

      As of the "awful", well, i noticed that when using the classic theme, for some reason, it doesn't look as "good" as Office apps (although generally, gradients in the classic theme look bad). However take that as my personal preference :-).

      One example of this is that the toolbar buttons have a "3d" border instead of a flat border.

    • Robert Futrell

      Robert Futrell - 2006-11-02

      Thanks for the feedback.  I'll add the theme property (with "auto" as an option as you suggested, good idea), and take another look at the "Classic" theme for the next release.

    • Robert Futrell

      Robert Futrell - 2006-11-24

      Just an update - I've added the property but it doesn't fully work yet.  If you set OfficeLnFs.theme=blue, for example, but the user's desktop is set to silver, you'll get a mix of blue-themed colors and silver-themed colors.  This is because the Office looks don't override ALL colors provided by the parent (Windows) laf, as some of them were still correct, assuming the desktop's color theme matches the OfficeLnF color theme.  Since setting this property breaks that assumption, the looks need to be updated to update more colors as well (mainly "control" in initComponentDefaults(), and a few others).  That'll come next.


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