OFBiz Wiki Now Online!

A number of people have been asking about more detailed documentation regarding
specific aspects of OFBiz, especially user guides for the applications and
how-tos for the framework. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be sufficient
money or time anywhere to sponsor the centralized creation and maintenance of
that sort of documentation, so alternatives have been tossed around, and the
best one seems to be setting up a Wiki site for OFBiz.

Integral Business Solutions has stepped up to the plate and has offered to host
the OFBiz Wiki site, and what's better is that it is already live! That's right,
you can statisfy your desire for wiki-ing about OFBiz NOW by going to:

Special thanks to Chris Chesney for coordinating (and honesty, pushing) this and
to Integral Business Solutions for providing the server, bandwidth, initial
content, etc, etc, etc. Note that IBS is an OFBiz solutions provider and they
can help with a good variety of needs for custom work, deployment, and so on.

The purpose of the Wiki site is to share information about functionality that
exists in OFBiz. Discussion of new development, bugs, desired features, planning
features, etc will all remain on the mailing lists, especially the
ofbiz-devel@li... list. The ofbiz-users list is oriented towards
questions regarding the usage of OFBiz, and many answers to these questions will
hopefully start making their way to the Wiki site.

In addition, we would like to move some of our information on the ofbiz.org web
site to the Wiki site. This would include the various getting started guides,
the functionality coming soon page, and probably various others. For now we will
still maintain the various framework guides as part of the OFBiz docs, so please
continue sending us updates for those.

The places where the Wiki site will be most useful are for user documentation
and HOW-TO guides. For instance things like "101 ways to create a product with
variants" should go there as should "things I like to do when the Entity Engine
gives me some weird error that means nothing to me". BTW, that last topic brings
up an issue: as tempting as it might be, no profanity please. :)

Andy and I will spend occassional time adding and updating the content there,
but we would like to invite everyone else to pitch in and write up short
descriptions of things that you learn as you are going along. This could include
configuration and setup tips, application usage info, framework usage bits of
wisdom, and so on.

So, at the risk of sounding pretty idiotic, see you on the OFBiz Wiki!

-David Jones

Posted by Andrew Zeneski 2003-07-23

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