Developer List Cut Back

As you probably have noticed the developer list has been cut back quite a bit. The reason for this is there were way too many people with write access to CVS and we felt the need to implement a bit of security. Those of you who are left, it is because you have or we expect you to have the need for CVS access.

From this point on, anyone who wishes to submit changes or new code to be placed in the source tree, please send those to either Andy Zeneski or David Jones. Small, single updates should be handled this way. If/When the time comes and you need direct write access to the source tree, let us know we will make that desision on a per developer basis.

This by no means limits anyone from access to the forums, the mailing lists or read access to the source tree. Please continue to make full use of these features.

Thank you,
The Admins

Posted by Andrew Zeneski 2001-10-24

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