Exporting Daisy, using an Icelandic synth.

  • Hlynur Hreinsson

    Hi there. I work for the INIB (Icelandic National Institution for the Blind) and I´ve been trying out the export to daisy addin with fine results. The only thing is that I can´t export full daisy books using the icelandic synth. that I have installed on the computer.
    It always uses the same voice as MS Narrator. Just to make sure, I changed the default voice there to the icelandic synth - but that of course didn´t work. Is this something that can be done? That is, to have the Open Office addin use another synth. ?

  • Christophe Strobbe

    Can you specify which version of MS Windows you are using (including Service Packs and language version)? I have noticed that for certain languages, TTS only works when you change the default voice to the language of what you are exporting. This works for Dutch on my system, but I know of a Spanish user (Windows XP, Spanish version) who says that she can't export Spanish ODT documents to DAISY even when she sets the system's default language to Spanish; she always gets the English TTS.

    odt2daisy uses the DAISY Pipeline Lite for the TTS process; the DAISY Pipeline Lite calls TTS engines on the operating system. For some languages, something seems wrong, but it is not yet clear whether the problem resides in odt2daisy, the DAISY Pipeline Lite or the TTS engines.

  • Vincent Spiewak

    Vincent Spiewak - 2010-06-10


    Thank you for reporting an issue.

    Icelandic is not supported on MS Windows platform because it's not configured into the DAISY Pipeline.

    This is a missing and will be bugfixed in the next version of odt2daisy.

    In the mid-time, if you know xml, you can easily fix this by editing the file: ttsbuilder.xml
    located in .pipeline-lite/transformers/se_tpb_speechgen2/tts folder
    and add this:

    <lang lang="is">
                    <param name="class" value="se_tpb_speechgen2.external.win.DefaultSapiTTS"/>
                                    <param name="xslt" value="${transformer_dir}/xslt/transform.xsl"/>
                                    <param name="characterSubstitutionTables" value="${transformer_dir}/charsubst/character-translation-table.xml"
                                    <param name="sapiVoiceSelection" value="Language=470"/>

  • Hlynur Hreinsson

    Hello again, and thanks for your reply´s.
    I´m running Windows 7, english - as there is not Icelandic yet for Windows 7.
    I´ll try out your advice and let you know if it worked.

  • Hlynur Hreinsson

    Hi there.
    I tried the solution you suggested, but unfortunately it provided the same results as before.
    The full daisy book is created just fine - but not with the Icelandic synth.


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