Page number announcements in Dutch DTB

  • Tony van Campen

    Tony van Campen - 2010-09-10

    Why would a Dutch DTB say "page"  (English/French term) instead of "pagina" (Dutch term) when announcing page numbers? Does anyone know how I can change this? So far I have been unable to solve this slightly annoying problem in otherwise flawless Dutch DTBs. Thanks.

  • Christophe Strobbe

    Thanks for the feedback. We need to figure out whether this is a string created by odt2daisy itself (in which case it should be easy to fix) or by the DAISY Pipeline Lite (in which case we need to submit a bug to the DAISY Pipeline project).


  • Tony van Campen

    Tony van Campen - 2010-09-13

    It would be great if the bug could be found. A little more extra info might help, perhaps. I saved my ODT document as an xml file with the odt2daisy add-on. I did not use the built-in Pipeline Lite version to create the DTB, but used Daisy Pipeline's Narrator instead. As for the book number announcements, the actual number is in Dutch all right, but the word preceding it is, as I mentioned, the word "page" (pronounced in Dutch fashion) instead of the word "pagina". Hope this helps.


  • Christophe Strobbe

    The word "page" is not used in the XML that odt2daisy outputs (except for "Titel Page", which needs to be changed to "Titelpagina", and in an attribute name). I think we should look at the DAISY Pipeline.

  • Tony van Campen

    Tony van Campen - 2011-04-01

    Any progress yet finding the solution for misuse of the word "page"in page number announcements? Thanks

  • Vincent Spiewak

    Vincent Spiewak - 2011-04-01

    Dear aavc,

    it seems the DAISY Pipeline doesn't produce correctly the tag "<pagenum>" during the narrator process.
    I will forward this to the DAISY Pipeline dev team.

    Best Regards

  • Tony van Campen

    Tony van Campen - 2011-04-04

    Thanks. I hope something can be done some day soon.



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