Martin Spindler - 2015-03-13

I managed to make it run. I used NetBeans IDE 8.0.2, 4.1.1 and according SDK and the OOo Netbeans Plugin 4.1.0 from
Make sure the paths for openoffice and sdk are set properly.

In the project properties for Odt2DaisyAddOn, remove the link to the old OpenOffice 3 library, instead add OpenOffice 4 library

Fix for "Messagebox" Error: In File "Odt2DaisyAddOn\src\com\versusoft\packages\ooo\", mothod “public static short showMessageBox(...” remove the following lines:

Rectangle messageBoxRectangle = new Rectangle();
XMessageBox box = messageBoxFactory.createMessageBox(parentWindowPeer, messageBoxRectangle, messageBoxType, messageBoxButtons, messageBoxTitle, message);

and replace with the following:

MessageBoxType msgBoxType = MessageBoxType.MESSAGEBOX;
if (messageBoxType.equals("infobox")) msgBoxType = essageBoxType.INFOBOX;
else if (messageBoxType.equals("errorbox")) msgBoxType = essageBoxType.ERRORBOX;
else if (messageBoxType.equals("warningbox")) msgBoxType = MessageBoxType.WARNINGBOX;
else if (messageBoxType.equals("querybox")) msgBoxType = MessageBoxType.QUERYBOX;
XMessageBox box = messageBoxFactory.createMessageBox(parentWindowPeer, msgBoxType, messageBoxButtons, messageBoxTitle, message);

Last edit: Martin Spindler 2015-03-13