#31 cannot add "-pp" option from the GUI in 2.1

Ting Lei

I was trying to add options (to get camlp4 work) but couldn't add the "-pp" option as described in the documentation here:

It says: "
Once the grammar has been compiled, or if a standard grammar is available, this grammar can be used within the builder profiles, via the "-pp" option.

The example here shows a conditional compilation: "-DTAG" imposes to the compiler to take into account only the code conditioned by the "TAG" presence. See the Camlp4 manual for more information.
The documentation shows a screenshot like this:

But what I get after clicking the "add" button in Properties\Ocaml\BuilderProfiles\OptionDefinition\Add
is a BLANK dialogbox as in the attached screenshot.

There is no error messages to show what went wrong.


  • Emmanuel Dieul

    Emmanuel Dieul - 2012-03-13

    Well, it seems there's an underlying GUI crash: perhaps a Java exception is thrown. Could you post an attached file with the Eclipse error log content ? It's accessible via:
    - the "Window > Show View > Error Log" menu,
    and then the "Open Log" icon of this view.

    • the "Help > About Eclipse" menu,
      and then the "Installation Details" button
      and "Configuration" page
      and "View Error Log" button

    Could you also indicate which release of Eclipse and Java is used ?


  • Emmanuel Dieul

    Emmanuel Dieul - 2015-04-26
    • status: pending --> wont-fix
  • Emmanuel Dieul

    Emmanuel Dieul - 2015-04-26
    • status: wont-fix --> closed

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