Fuentes - 2012-03-16

Hello!! First of all, very congrats for your good work. This program is very small, simple and just work!! And, off course, free!! Charming combination, indeed…

Right to the point, i found tho minor bugs:

- Restoring data (full disk or single partition) to an empty hdd (ie: new disk), ODIN throws an exception: "Partition X not found" (or something like that), but all partitions are previously created by ODIN itself, so if you run again the restore process, all run like a charm

- If you especify a non existant path to the back-up process, a dialog box is showed with the msg: "Unable to write the img file" (or something like that). So, you must create a valid path outside of ODIN before run again the back-up process.

That's all. Many thxs for your good work!!