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If you found a bug or problem with the OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in please create a ticket in the issue tracker for the respective application, i.e. please use the bug tracker for the Word, Excel or PowerPoint add-in or the Common bug tracker if the problem affects all applications or setup.

This tracker is for documentation of know problems only that cannot or will not be fixed.

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Status Owner Created Updated Priority
298 XLSX:Charts:Font-Size - Different Display In UI Deviations_in_implementing_ODF closed Ravindra(Sonata) 2008-10-16 2009-03-26 5  
170 Problem with Cyrillic letters in file names on Windows XP None closed 2008-03-14 2008-05-14 5  
155 Word2007: different rendering behaviour for page margins Differently_supported_features closed Yves Hougardy 2007-11-22 2008-10-15 5  
136 ODT: wrong margins and picture positions in frames None closed Dieter 2007-09-03 2007-11-26 5  
28 Automatic height of rows with merged cells ODF_features_not_supported_in_OpenXML closed Karolina Zwierzchoniewska 2007-03-15 2007-03-21 5  
2 DOCX: v1.1 Pagenumbers not retained None closed-wont-fix 2007-01-23 2007-07-25 6  
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