#50 Install for all users text in NL version too long


In R0579, after accepting the EULA on WinXP, the user gets to choose between installing only for the current user ("alleen voor u installeren") or for all users on this machine ("installeren voor alle gebruikers van deze computer")

The last sentence of the text under the latter option gets cut off "Hiertoe moet u over lokale beheerdersrechten..."

A word like "beschikken" (+/- to have/possess)is missing or is too long to fit inside the allocated space.


  • Dirk Vollmar

    Dirk Vollmar - 2009-03-02

    Thanks for reporting this. It has been fixed in r5154

  • Dirk Vollmar

    Dirk Vollmar - 2009-03-02
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  • Peter Amalraj (Sonata)

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