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Read Me


1. Thank you for installing ODABA. This is ODABA version 10.0.0, the first 
   release of ODABA-NG, the new generation of terminology-oriented database 
   system. Compared with previous ODABA releases, version 10 provides a number 
   of new essential features:
    - powerful utilities
    - Active Data Link (ADL)
    - QT based GUI
    - .NET support
    - OSI script language (JAVA/C++ like)
    - Internet database server 
   More information you will find in ODABA and in the ODABAInvitation_EN.pdf
   or ODABAInvitation_GE.pdf.

2. A Quick Starter Guide is available at
   or in the ODABA-GUI online documentation ("Quick Starter Guide"). 
   Altenatively, you may also look at QuickStarterGuide.pdf.
Release notes

1. Update information are provided on three levels. General release notes you will 
   find on the WEB site. In the root of the installation folder, there are detailled
   release notes (ReleaseLog_xxx.txt) and change logs (Changes_xxx.txt) for all 
   ODABA subprojects. 'xxx' stands for

   sos - common service functions
   opa - Database kernel
   gui - GUI frame work
   ode - ODE tools 

   Release logs contain information about detailled relevent (conceptual) changes. 
   Change logs contain a list of cheges per source file.

2. In addition, we provide test logs for ODABA interface classes, that include a 
   difference protocol which shows changes to the prevoius release.

3. In order to get information about new releases, you should register at 
   run Software by sending a mail to

1. You may use the GPL in order to develop other software licensed under GPL.
   In order to develop commercial software not licensed as GPL product, you
   may get a commercial development license. 
2. Note, the the GPL allows you creating any sort of GPL projects, i.e. 
   projects for your own purpose as well as commercial products (as long 
   as those are published under GPL, again). In order to develop non-GPL 
   products, you need a commercial development licence, which can be ordered
   at RUN Software.
3. You may also join the ODABA Software Development Foundation, which 
   supports the further ODABA development and which gives you a chance 
   to participate in strategic and short term decisions.

1. ODABA does not require specifig registration procedured and you may copy 
   the odaba folder to any location in your system. 
2. Supported platforms


   for all platforms 32- and 64-bit modes are supported. In order to compile 
   ODABA on other platforms or with other compilers, you might have to insert 
   a few platform specific extensions. In general, it should not be a big problem.
1. There is a separate documentation package, which you may download and 
   which contains the complete ODABA documentation. An documentation overview 
   is given in the DocumentationOverview document. Part of the documentation 
   has already been converted to .pdf and will be provided in an additional 
   PDFDoc folder. But there are still documents, which are available in 
   MS Office format, only.
2. There is also a HTML version, which can be started from the documentation 
   package downloded, but also from our WEB site 
   Online documentation will be updated frequently and we suggest using the online
   documentation, which is more uptodate. 

Forum and bug report
1. If you find problems or if you have any questions, please visit the 
   ODABA forum and post your 
   problem or question or contact RUN Software directly via
2. If you think you have found a bug in ODABA, it would be nice if you 
   report it to us, so that we can fix it. Before reporting a bug, please 
   check reported bugs for similar problems.

   Always include the following information in your bug report: 
     - name and version number of your compiler
     - name and version number of your operating system
     - the version of ODABA you are using
     - compile options used for compiling or build number for the binaries
   If possible, add an example, the dictionary database and a database, as 
   well as the configuration or ini-file used for running the application. 
3. In order to put you questins directly, you may contact

   ODABA is an intelligent system for solving complex tasks - and ODABA 
   requires smart developers for being used successfully. If you do not 
   feel as such, you would better use relational databases. If you consider 
   yourself as smart enough, with ODABA you might become three or four 
   times as fast as with traditional systems.