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Visualizer for Intervals and Boxes:

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VIBes is a visualization system that aims at providing people working with interval methods a way to display results (boxes, pavings), without worrying with GUI programming. It provides drawing functions accessible from a lot of programming languages, without complex installation and library dependencies.
The main design goal of VIBes is to be cross-platform, available from different programming languages, simple to set-up, easy to port to a new language.

VIBes consists in two parts:
- the VIBes application that features viewing, annotating and exporting figures
- the VIBes API that enables your program to communicate with the viewer in order to draw figures from C, C++, Python, Octave, Matlab...

The use of a separate viewer application enables an easy set-up on every system. First, pre-built binaries of the VIBes viewer are provided for Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms (but you are free to build the viewer from sources). Then, the API consists only of a few files that have to be included in your program.

Building from sources


You should have git, cmake, qt5 and its svg module installed. On a Debian-like distribution, you can install them via:

sudo apt-get install qt5-default libqt5svg5-dev cmake git

You can then clone the git repository:

git clone

Move to the viewer sources directory, and build the sources:

cd VIBES/viewer
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=distrib ..
make install

If everything went well, a VIBes executable is now in the distrib folder.