struct Log

Commit Date  
[02418d] by hauberg

Bumped version number

2008-08-24 16:17:40 Tree
[2113b0] by hauberg

Updated release dates

2008-04-29 17:52:26 Tree
[702e5d] by adb014

Update version numbers, release dates, and news in preparation for release

2008-04-06 23:36:22 Tree
[34a5f2] by adb014

More copyright updates

2008-02-04 13:47:45 Tree
[83faf7] by hauberg

Update version numbers

2008-01-31 19:44:33 Tree
[f1f936] by adb014

Update the version numbers. All packages need new version numbers due to package differences in the CVS to SVN transition

2007-12-05 16:24:55 Tree
[dff1d5] by adb014

Move the cvsignore files to svnignore

2007-10-22 23:26:43 Tree
[5d7c40] by adb014

Update version numbers for modified packages

2007-09-24 23:38:27 Tree
[e4703d] by adb014

Version numbering changes of all packages needed due to inclusion of generic Makefile/configure in all packages

2007-07-24 20:04:16 Tree
[1313b0] by adb014

Update the FSF address

2007-03-23 16:14:46 Tree
[3f9578] by gnumuthu

tests & docs

2007-03-18 05:25:52 Tree
[044a43] by adb014

Add Autoload field to DESCRIPTION of main/ packages

2007-01-30 22:23:44 Tree
[c139a5] by hauberg

Removed unvalid characters from all GPL licenses in the packages

2006-10-14 17:39:35 Tree
[b84f0e] by etienne

Replace old tar.m (now in octave w/ different meaning) by tars.m

2006-10-08 02:45:43 Tree
[ed4fe5] by adb014

Latest mega package manager update

2006-10-02 19:47:38 Tree
[472330] by hauberg

Added a lot of .cvsignore's in main

2006-08-21 18:39:26 Tree
[b59648] by hauberg

Changed the directory structure of structs to match the package system

2006-08-20 14:18:19 Tree
[676394] by qspencer

Removed m-files that were recently imported into octave CVS.

2006-05-22 18:47:53 Tree
[3d7975] by adb014

Remove tar.m as it conflicts with tar.m from the octave core package manager

2006-05-14 21:08:20 Tree
[a87d93] by adb014

patch to allow 2.9.x autoload functionality to replace symbolic links

2006-01-07 05:12:00 Tree
[1dd6d0] by pkienzle

Purge functions added to Octave

2006-01-03 03:56:03 Tree
[ff96bc] by pkienzle

Replace string concatenation with sprintf to avoid warnings.

2005-11-04 22:12:04 Tree
[9f02fb] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] is_struct -> isstruct

2005-09-08 03:07:01 Tree
[d9ec99] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] isstr -> ischar

2005-09-08 02:00:18 Tree
[4d3c3b] by pkienzle

Copyright and author consistency

2005-05-25 03:41:17 Tree
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