statistics Log

Commit Date  
[91e7f0] by jpicarbajal

statistics: News about boxplot

2012-03-01 09:51:51 Tree
[f7b0ee] by jpicarbajal

statistics: boxplot

2012-03-01 09:36:31 Tree
[429b47] by jpicarbajal

statistics: Updating boxplot

2012-03-01 08:25:35 Tree
[aaec80] by asnelt

Removed zscore function since it is now part of GNU octave core.

2012-01-19 18:14:57 Tree
[1078f9] by asnelt

Removed zscore function since it is now part of GNU octave core.

2012-01-19 18:13:16 Tree
[716a3b] by carandraug

pdist: fix texinfo error

2012-01-10 14:13:39 Tree
[e792d9] by carandraug

jackknife: small fixes on help text, license to GPLv3+

2011-12-25 16:00:40 Tree
[fdbd11] by asnelt

Changed interface for MATLAB compatibility.

2011-12-25 13:00:09 Tree
[49611f] by asnelt

Initial commit.

2011-12-23 20:49:04 Tree
[6b2174] by asnelt

Initial commit.

2011-12-22 13:22:04 Tree
[ae5bf6] by asnelt

Applied bugfix by Kyle Winfree to repanova.

2011-12-16 20:48:17 Tree
[996c6d] by carandraug

Move NEWS file for package root so that pkg and news in core can find it during package install

2011-11-20 20:14:29 Tree
[57a977] by carandraug

monotone_smooth: improvements on input check

2011-11-14 15:05:28 Tree
[4f6265] by carandraug

monotone_smooth: check input for extra arguments, return error if h is invalid (instead of silently recalculate it), use printf style for warning message

2011-11-14 14:56:10 Tree
[1a565c] by carandraug

monotone_smooth: replaced tabs per spaces, made lines shorter than 80 characters

2011-11-14 14:53:49 Tree
[40445d] by asnelt

Initial commit.

2011-11-14 14:47:03 Tree
[1f625e] by carandraug

replacing tabs per spaces

2011-11-10 21:07:48 Tree
[8a576a] by asnelt

Updated version number.

2011-11-10 20:28:06 Tree
[235bcd] by asnelt

Updated description for new release.

2011-11-10 18:47:54 Tree
[c1bc0d] by carandraug

normalise_distribution: use fix on revision 9011 only in the octave 3.4 series

2011-11-08 11:35:49 Tree
[383925] by axkma

Fix a bug that occurs when ties appear in any but the first column.

2011-11-08 09:54:36 Tree
[6dc96a] by carandraug

normalise_distribution: bug fix caused by regressino in octave core (see bug#34765 in savannah)

2011-11-07 01:39:25 Tree
[ce921f] by carandraug

statistics: updated INDEX

2011-11-06 21:16:07 Tree
[f6305f] by carandraug

repanova: bug fix of assignment used when comparison was meant

2011-11-06 21:09:18 Tree
[be6041] by carandraug

mvnrnd: fixed possible Matlab-style short-circuit operator warning

2011-11-06 21:03:48 Tree
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