signal Log

Commit Date  
[52f2bf] by mtmiller

signal: remove executable property

2013-03-10 22:32:12 Tree
[957a09] by mtmiller

signal: fix dtor syntax error

2013-03-10 22:29:45 Tree
[04e297] by mtmiller

signal: clean up Makefile to match other packages

2013-03-10 22:24:47 Tree
[8e7401] by mtmiller

signal: no longer depends on optim

The package uses fminbnd which used to be in optim but has long since
moved to Octave core.

2013-03-01 14:02:11 Tree
[573a10] by mtmiller

blackmanharris: Return a column vector (bug #38409)

2013-02-27 13:56:09 Tree
[52c047] by jordigh

Add dtor to fix memleak in

2013-02-07 15:26:19 Tree
[cc18fc] by carandraug

xcorr2: small improv on documentation explaining coeff option

2013-01-14 01:44:45 Tree
[dde708] by carandraug

xcorr: fix bug on brute-force method (code is commented and is never used. Only of interest for people who read the source). Patch by KM Tu. Closes bug #148

2012-10-26 03:23:50 Tree
[389887] by jpicarbajal

signal: updating news and index to reflect addition of findpeaks.

2012-10-08 15:10:28 Tree
[19e1b9] by jpicarbajal

signal: adding new function compatible with matlab.

2012-10-08 15:00:55 Tree
[c98b38] by jpicarbajal

signal: help: fixing docstring of clustersegment

2012-10-02 13:48:03 Tree
[6c9782] by carandraug

signal: bump version for release

2012-09-21 13:22:15 Tree
[33d44c] by carandraug

signal: mention fixed fir1 tests on NEWS

2012-09-21 12:58:16 Tree
[797a52] by carandraug

fir1: fix tests (checked with matlab that it should indeed return a row)

2012-09-21 12:23:35 Tree
[8541fd] by carandraug

xcorr2: remove old coeff option code, replace by new method

2012-08-29 02:45:12 Tree
[d392f5] by carandraug

xcorr2: check if input is 2D only

2012-08-27 01:58:14 Tree
[e3b772] by carandraug

xcorr2: fix bug on norm option when input is not double

2012-08-27 01:53:16 Tree
[90c91b] by carandraug

xcorr2: fix bug when no arguments are passed

2012-08-27 01:51:54 Tree
[fc8b17] by carandraug

xcorr2: improved texinfo

2012-08-24 02:56:21 Tree
[429d71] by carandraug

xcorr2: new option to normalize cross correlation

2012-08-24 02:45:33 Tree
[d78ba0] by carandraug

xcorr2: add simple test

2012-08-23 17:54:14 Tree
[b1586f] by carandraug

xcorr2: fix bug caused by r9421

2012-08-23 16:18:49 Tree
[da6d7d] by jordigh

firls.m: fix docstring

2012-08-20 17:15:30 Tree
[6c372b] by jordigh

firls.m: ensure N is even

2012-08-20 17:10:59 Tree
[03cc41] by jordigh

Style fixes in firls.m

2012-08-20 17:05:50 Tree
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