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[8a3303] by Mike Miller Mike Miller

maint: fix hgignore regexp pattern typos

2013-09-03 11:50:42 Tree
[465772] by John W. Eaton John W. Eaton

use octave_scalar_map instead of deprecated Octave_map class

* (F__bw_prcv__): Use octave_scalar_map instead of
deprecated Octave_map class.

2013-08-29 03:52:01 Tree
[fcff8d] by John W. Eaton John W. Eaton

* __bw_scheduler__.m, __bw_secure_save__.m, bw_clear.m, bw_list.m,
bw_retrieve.m, bw_start.m, select_sockets.m: Use ... for continuation
marker to avoid deprecated syntax warning.

2013-08-28 20:29:13 Tree
[cb3bc0] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: add hgignore file

2013-06-22 14:54:36 Tree
[031460] by eandrius

Fix for missing headers in parallel package

2012-08-07 18:54:41 Tree
[4f05c2] by i7tiol

Changes of coding style.

2011-12-23 18:29:45 Tree
[bae101] by i7tiol

Use 'find' a better way.

2011-12-23 15:58:06 Tree
[b802c7] by carandraug

Updated FSF address

2011-06-24 17:35:07 Tree
[04a508] by i7tiol

Update copyright notices.

2011-02-25 08:58:49 Tree
[673358] by i7tiol

Cleanup warnings. Use passed mkoctfile version. Compatible with Octave > 3.2.

2011-01-25 11:20:39 Tree
[194dd9] by i7tiol

Include netinet/in.h for FreeBSD-8 due to user report.

2011-01-24 17:52:20 Tree
[d9c1f6] by i7tiol

Remove communication of byte order. Handling of remote errors in send/

2010-08-24 10:34:35 Tree
[36300e] by i7tiol

Use return value of read/write everywhere and a bit more sensible.
Remove never fullfilled condition for handling of remote errors in

2010-08-24 08:13:53 Tree
[004f79] by i7tiol

Slight cleanup of signal handling and exiting.

2010-08-20 09:15:40 Tree
[fb207d] by i7tiol

Fix select_sockets.m.

2010-08-16 12:20:07 Tree
[b764b5] by i7tiol

Remove reference to 'octave_atexit_functions'.

2010-08-13 15:37:54 Tree
[0c456c] by i7tiol

Original 'parallel' package now uses Octaves save and load functionality and got a select_sockets function.
- "send", "recv": replaced with code that uses Octaves save and load functionality.
- "select_sockets": new function, wrapper to "select".

2010-08-13 13:27:35 Tree
[05cccf] by i7tiol

- new file, calles select on data connections of "connect".
- fixed buffer size in outgoing connections.

2010-08-11 13:28:08 Tree
[82a53f] by i7tiol

Fixed several bugs.

2010-08-05 10:35:19 Tree
[5bffb5] by i7tiol

local fix of filling matrix 'sockets'

2010-02-18 10:51:19 Tree
[4205f5] by i7tiol

get rid of read/write compiler warnings

2010-02-18 10:28:39 Tree
[5da7cf] by i7tiol

parallel/inst/scloseall.m: corrected typo

2010-02-09 10:56:37 Tree
[545d4a] by i7tiol

parallel/inst/getid.m, scloseall.m: added placeholder for helptext

2010-02-09 10:52:58 Tree
[576948] by i7tiol

parallel: some fixes for Octave-3.2.., removed unneeded code in and

2009-08-20 13:40:14 Tree
[4eabe8] by i7tiol

parallel/src/ fix quitting_gracefully, make extern

2009-08-19 08:30:19 Tree
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