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Summary of important user-visible changes for odepkg-0.9.1:

 ** ode23 is now in Octave-core (version 4.2.0)

 Summary of important user-visible changes for odepkg-0.9.0:

 ** odeset, odeget and ode45 are now in Octave-core (version 4.2.0)

Summary of important user-visible changes for odepkg-0.8.5:

 ** New odeset.m and odeget.m to be more Matlab-compatible.

 ** Added new fields to odeset, odeget and odepkg_structure_check.

 ** Added file  ode_struct_value_check.m  which is similar to 
    odepkg_structure_check but it doesn't give errors (not always) 
    but just warnings, it has no return arguments.

 ** Added geometric integrators  odeSE, odeSV, odeSPVI, odeRATTLE
    odeVV  and many other functions related to this solvers.

 ** Added ode12.m which is Heun-Euler method.

 ** Added odefwe.m which is Forward-Euler method with Richardson
    extrapolation for error estimation.

 ** New odebwe function which includes the previous functionalities
    of odebwe and also the possibility to choose how to solve the
    nonlinear system (Newton-Raphson or Inexact-Newton).

 ** Added functions to approximate derivatives and the Hessian of
    the Hamiltonian

 ** Added new functions to compare strings and to comare a string
    to a set of strings. These are based on the Levenshtein distance
    and are more user-friendly for the management of typing errors.

 ** Added a new function to better compare floating-point numbers
    based on Kahan algorithm

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