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File:    ChangeLog
Created: 2006.08.16
Author:  Thomas Treichl <treichl@users.sourceforge.net>
Description: OdePkg ChangeLog File

2006.10.06 Thomas Treichl <treichl@users.sourceforge.net>
	* ChangeLog: changed appearence for next entries
	* ode23.m, ode45.m, ode54.m, ode78.m: Further improved 
	  functionality. Added event handling and other functions
	  to handle other options.
	* INDEX: file has been created for pkg management.
	* TODO: check the whole package and release first stable
	  version 0.1.0.
	* All input output vectors of the initial value problems
	  the OutputFcns and the EventFcns are column vectors
	* TODO: Input vectors of event functions and plot functions
	  must be column vectors
	* TODO: Add/change examples of initial value problems resp.
	  the number of sets of ordinary differential equations
	* Removed temporary files
	* Added a DESCRIPTION and COPYING file
	* Checked all files, tests and demos for a first push to cvs

	* Renamed all functions and files from tt_XXX to XXX
	  eg. tt_ode23 became ode23.m etc. 
	* Replaced the octave-license with the one of octave-forge
	* Checklist for odepkg files
	  - tt_odepkg_example_pendulous is ready to contribute
	  - tt_odepkg_example_secondorderlag is ready to contribute
	  - tt_odepkg_example_vanderpol is ready to contribute
	  - tt_odepkg_structure_check.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_odeget.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_odeset.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_odeplot.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_odeprint.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_ode23.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_ode45.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_ode54.m is ready to contribute
	  - tt_ode78.m is ready to contribute

	* What has to be done for the first release
	  - parameters need to be given to the ODEs
	  - add help texts in odeplot.m, ode23.m, ode2f.m etc.
	  - add demos and tests to all function files

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