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This package is an two-layer interface layer over the GNU MPFR 
(see  http://www.mpfr.org/) arbitrary precision computing library.
The upper layer is made of .m files, implementing the mp class, and
overloading basic operations. The lower layer is a mere interface to 
various entry points in the mpfr lib.

The original author is Ben Barrowes, he distributed his code via
sourceforge (http://mptoolbox.sourceforge.net/)  and 
MatLab central (http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/6446-multiple-precision-toolbox-for-matlab)

Although this code is distributed under the BSD license, accessing
code from MatLab central means you agree not to use it on another
platform than MatLab. I personally contacted Mr Barrowes, and he sent
me a file, mptoolbox_1.2.tar.gz, on June, 25th, 2O13. He also agreed
to have his code and further works re-licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0.

I had to tweak a few files in order to have this toolbox running under Octave.
After a short discussions with Octave-forge maintainers, this package became
the multi-precision toolbox (https://sourceforge.net/p/octave/multi-precision)

The intent is to keep it compatible both with Octave and MatLab. A few rough
edges and bugs have been cleaned, for instance 
x = mp(Inf);
y = x + 2
now gives the expected result. Further functions will be added, and
development will continues as time permits...

Pascal Dupuis
Jul, 7th, 2013

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