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[162b60] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

Rename function asci to ascii.

* asci.m: deprecate, simply call ascii and print warning about being
* ascii.m: copied from asci.m. Remove some unecessary for loops by making
use of repmat. Returned string is now a char matrix rather than a string
vector with newlines. Simplify documentation, add demos and tests.
* NEWS: mention depreciation of asci.

2013-11-17 18:04:46 Tree
[b1f99e] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: add hgignore file and remove svnignore.

2013-11-07 00:10:54 Tree
[797f69] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: move all files one level down after splitting miscellaneous into a
separate hg repo together with the history from the old combinatorics and
physical-constants packages (these were once packages that have been merged
into the miscellaneous package).

2013-11-07 00:09:08 Tree
[5d7d73] by carandraug

units: fix non-linear unit conversion for more versions of units (bug #38270)

2013-10-23 17:35:22 Tree
[a890ef] by carandraug

units: implement alternative syntax of non-linear conversion

* units.m: give error when requesting conversion factor for non-linear unit
conversion (nargin < 3). Implement non-linear conversion for syntax
'units "X from" to' in addition to the syntax 'units "from(X)" to'.

2013-10-22 18:27:23 Tree
[ab3c0f] by carandraug

units: implement non-linear unit conversion (bug #38270)

2013-10-22 03:52:59 Tree
[59bc3e] by carandraug

units: use file_in_path to check availability of units (bug #38270)

* units.m: windows systems do not have the command `command' so replace
it with a call to file_in_path. Ignore check for the GNU version, instead
checking for features. New check for the --output-format option which
does exist in version 1.00 (very old but still shipped with MacOSX).

2013-10-22 03:16:58 Tree
[e3cdeb] by carandraug

units: support for units without --compact and --one-line options (bug #38270)

* units.m: on r12290, the call to units was changed to use the compact and
one-line option to ease parsing. This commit recovers part of the old
code to support versions of GNU units pre 1.86 (released on 10 Nov 2006 before
addition of these options) and others that lack this options. In addition,
checks if the units program available is indeed GNU units or some other

2013-10-20 23:32:56 Tree
[b053c8] by carandraug

units: increase precision from GNU units to 16 decimal places.

2013-10-20 19:00:55 Tree
[ed0a19] by carandraug

units: use compact and one-line option to ease parse of Units (bug #38270)

* units.m: by making use of the --compact and --one-line options, GNU units
only outputs the conversion factor so it won't be necessary to parse it from
the output making a call to str2double enough. Remove call to eval(). Give
more meaningful errors for input checking, and identify possible attempts to
non-linear conversions. Change style to follow Octave coding conventions.
Add more tests.

2013-10-20 18:51:38 Tree
[0b3e23] by jwe

* tk_octave/inst/tk_dialog.m, tk_octave/inst/tk_scale.m,
secs2d/inst/Utilities/Udopdepmob.m, bim/inst/bim2c_mesh_properties.m,
secs1d/bak/DDG/DDGgummelmap.m, ocs/inst/sbn/Mshichmanhodgesmosfet.m,
ocs/inst/sbn/Mcurrentsources.m, ocs/inst/prs/prs_iff.m,
ocs/inst/tst/tst_theta_method.m, ocs/inst/tst/tst_odepkg.m,
ocs/inst/nls/nls_newton_raphson.m, ocs/inst/asm/asm_build_system.m,
msh/inst/msh3m_geometrical_properties.m, gnuplot/inst/g_ez.m,
gnuplot/inst/g_plot.m, gnuplot/inst/myimage.m,
gnuplot/inst/_g_instantiate.m, gnuplot/inst/g_demo.m,
gnuplot/inst/_g_tics.m, gnuplot/inst/g_cmd.m,
gnuplot/inst/_g_image_cmd.m, gnuplot/inst/g_config.m,
gnuplot/inst/g_locate.m, gnuplot/inst/g_data.m, pdb/inst/write_pdb.m,
optim/inst/__poly_2_extrema.m, optim/inst/test_min_2.m,
optim/inst/nonlin_curvefit.m, optim/inst/test_min_4.m,
optim/inst/private/__siman__.m, optim/inst/test_d2_min_2.m,
optim/inst/nelder_mead_min.m, optim/inst/optimset_compat.m,
optim/inst/cdiff.m, optim/inst/test_wpolyfit.m, optim/inst/minimize.m,
optim/inst/test_min_1.m, optim/inst/test_min_3.m, optim/inst/d2_min.m,
optim/inst/curvefit_stat.m, optim/inst/test_nelder_mead_min_2.m,
optim/inst/poly_2_ex.m, optim/inst/nonlin_min.m,
optim/inst/fminunc_compat.m, optim/inst/vfzero.m,
optim/inst/brent_line_min.m, comm/inst/huffmandict.m,
audio/inst/auplot.m, audio/inst/auload.m, miscellaneous/inst/asci.m,
nnet/inst/private/__trainlm.m, database/inst/pq_exec_params.m,
database/inst/pq_connect.m, io/inst/append_save.m,
general/inst/adresamp2.m, plot/inst/dxfwrite.m,
plot/inst/calc_shading.m, queueing/inst/qncsconv.m,
queueing/inst/qnmix.m, queueing/inst/qnmarkov.m,
queueing/inst/ctmcfpt.m, queueing/inst/dtmcfpt.m,
queueing/inst/qncmmva.m, queueing/inst/qncsconvld.m,
queueing/inst/qnmknode.m, queueing/inst/qncmbsb.m,
queueing/inst/ctmc.m, queueing/inst/qncmpopmix.m,
queueing/inst/qsmm1.m, queueing/inst/qncmvisits.m,
queueing/inst/qncsmvablo.m, queueing/inst/qncsvisits.m,
queueing/inst/qncsaba.m, queueing/inst/qsmm1k.m,
queueing/inst/qsmminf.m, queueing/inst/qnom.m,
queueing/inst/qncscmva.m, queueing/inst/qnomvisits.m,
queueing/inst/ctmcmtta.m, queueing/inst/qnvisits.m,
queueing/inst/qnos.m, queueing/inst/qnosvisits.m,
queueing/inst/qnosaba.m, queueing/inst/qncspb.m,
queueing/inst/ctmcexps.m, queueing/inst/dtmc.m,
queueing/inst/qncsmvaap.m, queueing/inst/qncmnpop.m,
queueing/inst/dtmcbd.m, queueing/inst/qncmcb.m,
queueing/inst/qncsgb.m, queueing/inst/dtmcmtta.m,
queueing/inst/private/sumexpn.m, queueing/inst/private/expn.m,
queueing/inst/qnsolve.m, queueing/inst/dtmcexps.m,
queueing/inst/qnjackson.m, queueing/inst/qncsmvald.m,
queueing/inst/qsmmm.m, queueing/inst/qncsbsb.m,
queueing/inst/qsammm.m, queueing/inst/ctmcbd.m,
queueing/inst/ctmcchkQ.m, queueing/inst/qncmaba.m,
queueing/inst/qsmmmk.m, queueing/inst/qnosbsb.m,
queueing/inst/qnomaba.m, queueing/inst/qncmmvaap.m,
queueing/devel/qnmmmk_alt.m, queueing/devel/qnclosedsinglecmva.m,
queueing/devel/qnopenmultig.m, queueing/doc/demo_web.m,
Use ... for continuation marker to avoid deprecated syntax warning.

2013-08-28 20:24:54 Tree
[b7efdb] by carandraug

miscellaneous: use mkoctfile from environment defined by pkg

2013-06-12 22:51:57 Tree
[b5d00c] by carandraug

miscellaneous: update list of functions on INDEX

2013-06-12 22:49:06 Tree
[213ed6] by carandraug

miscellaneous: revert r11808 and r11807

* since oct file is named partint, there is no need for autoload

2013-06-12 22:47:01 Tree
[25e17c] by nir-krakauer

added test to chebyshevpoly

2013-05-01 18:49:16 Tree
[6551ce] by jpicarbajal

miscellaneous: partint was not being loaded and therefore couldn't be found

2013-04-13 19:09:05 Tree
[30b6f3] by jpicarbajal

miscellaneous: partint was not being loaded and therefore couldn't be found

2013-04-13 19:08:02 Tree
[1bc0da] by carandraug

maint: add strsplit for packages as private functions so they keep working and not break once 3.8 is released

2013-04-02 22:27:59 Tree
[8dcccc] by carandraug

miscellaneous: remove functions deprecated on v1.1.0 (released on 2012-03-24)

* apply
* map
* partarray
* temp_name

2013-02-19 17:23:56 Tree
[f3c844] by carandraug

physical-constants: remove directory of package (moved to miscellaneous)

2012-10-16 00:27:46 Tree
[68f46a] by carandraug

combinatorics: remove directory of package (moved to miscellaneous)

2012-10-16 00:26:31 Tree
[31c583] by carandraug

miscellaneous: texinfo fixes

2012-10-16 00:00:13 Tree
[c4455a] by carandraug

miscellaneous: bump version for release

2012-10-15 23:53:11 Tree
[4d6937] by carandraug

physical-constants: bump release

2012-10-15 23:46:55 Tree
[ff90aa] by carandraug

combinatorics: bump release

2012-10-15 23:46:18 Tree
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