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-------- Compatibility ----------------------------------

The toolbox should work and compile on all versions of Octave later
than version 3.0, but it is generally recommended to upgrade to the
latest stable release of Octave. For demos etc. to work, you will need
to install the Octave-forge packages.

-------- Compiling the Octave interfaces  ------------------

LTFAT comes with C++ Octave interfaces written for all computationally
intensitive function in the toolbox.

To compile the Octave interfaces, type "ltfatmex" on the Octave
command prompt. This will compile the ltfat C library and all the
available oct-functions.

For this to work, you will need to install the Octave development
packages (the 'mkoctfile' script must be available).

------- Necessary packages -----------------------------

To compile, you must have installed the Octave development package and
all its dependencies. This will also install all necessary libraries
and header files needed for compilation.

* On Fedora / Redhat this package is called "octave-devel"

* On Debian / Ubuntu this package is called "octave-headers"

* On Windows, install the full binary release of Octave with all packages.

Install the octave-forge packages to add extra toolboxes available for

--------- Compiling manually on Linux / Unix ------------------------

As an alternative to typing "ltfatmex" at the Octave command prompt,
you make also perform the process manually

- Open a terminal, and change to the ltfat/src directory (using 'cd')

- Type 'make'. This will build the ltfat C library.

- Change to the ltfat/oct directory

- Type 'make' again. This will build the Octave C++ interfaces.

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